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Body Pain Reduction

Using The Mind-Spirit Approach Of Hypnosis & NLP

To Free The Blocked Energy

1. Question: Can Hypnosis & NLP Lessen Body Pain?
Yes, pain sufferers from an accident can use Hypnotic pain release techniques to lessen pain as long as you see a medical doctor first for a proper diagnosis. Hypnotic Pain Relief is done in conjunction with modern medicine - not instead of it. It is well known that a relaxed mind facilitates the body in its healing.

2. Question: What is the procedure to Reduce Body Pain?

The person learns how to reduce pain using the mind. They continue working on the pain until it is much less or gone depending on the situation. Each person is different so they will benefit to the degree that is possible for their situation. 

3. Question: How is Hypnosis & NLP used for chronic, constant pain such as Fibromyalgia and Arthritis?
The Hypnotic procedure to reduce pain of any kind is based on turning the "Fight or Flight" system down rather than having it on too much. Some people will derive benefits from this very quickly and others will take much longer depending on each person's situation. With long term chronic illness, there has been a buildup of body pain which takes longer than acute pain. But a person can learn to do the release work themselves so it can be cost-effective that way.

4. Question: Can Hypnosis & NLP do anything else to help people in pain?
Before an operation, it is a good idea to have the mind prepared for a positive outcome and after an operation, it is a good idea to be sure any retained memory of pain is released.

5.Some Examples Of Pain That Can Be Released: 

1. Back pain from a fall that continues despite medical problem being repaired.
2. A broken leg that still hurts after full physical recovery.
3. Daily migraines - After you have had a proper medical exam showing no illness is causing them, Hypnosis can be used to assist you.
4. The constant pain of Fibromyalgia or other autoimmune illnesses can be reduced by the person learning to use Hypnosis to reduce the pain.

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