Hypnosis can help Children and Teens cope with life more easily. 

It can handle panic attacks and anxiety  and assist your child to feel better in general. Most anxiety behaviors or extreme reactions can be changed relatively quickly with Hypnosis. It is a matter of de-hypnotising your child so their self-hypnotised fear is released! SEE: New Stop Skin Problems info for teens. Pimples can be handled with Hypnosis if they are emotionally triggered by anxiety or fear. Hypnosis can help relax the person if that is the case.

Unusual Behaviors in Children & Teens
Hypnosis can be used to stop unusual behavior in children or teens provided at least one of the parents is willing to mentor them by doing session work as well. Get a psychological assessment if you are worried about your child's mental health before you consider Hypnosis.

DISCLAIMER: Hypnosis is not meant as a replacement for mental health issues of psychological origin - nor does it diagnose psychological problems.  Hypnosis is meant to be of assistance as part of the Mind - Body - Spirit Holistic approach rather than as a replacement for traditional medical treatment. Information contained in this website is meant to be used for informative purposes rather than for help in diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Results may vary depending on a variety of factors such as amount of anxiety and the type of stress in the young person's life.

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