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Personal Questions and Answers About Hypnotherapy

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Ask Life Questions here about a problem you may have. I will answer your question from a Hypnotherapy point of view so you can assess if it can help you. Below are some questions and answers that you may be interested in. Your email will only be used to answer your question privately. 

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DISCLAIMER: This is meant as informational for people and is not diagnostic.  Please see your Health Professional for your individual situation. 

I am always feeling tired and sad, and I lack motivation. Can Hypnosis or NLP help me regain my energy?

It most certainly can. Hypnosis can be used to set your attitudes towards life into a positive spin and to clear negative, un-useful thoughts. Keep in mind that positive mind pictures only work if negative mind thoughts are cleared first. From then on you will be as motivated and energetic as anyone else who is working on their Life Purpose and enjoying life!

My 18 year old son gets way too angry over little things. I love him, but I'm sort of scared of him when he gets so angry. What should I do?

If he is willing to handle his anger because he acknowledges that he gets too angry in some situations, he may be willing to come in for a session. It could take as little as 2 or 3 sessions to release pent up anger from him so he can respond appropriately rather than with too much anger. Many young people don't like the excess anger and at some stage will come in and handle it so wait for the right moment to approach him.

Before you bring him in, you need to come in so you can know how to respond to your son in a supportive way and so you can understand where his anger is coming from. Most commonly, young men are angry about something in the home. At least one parent needs to be willing to be an ally for the son as he makes his behavior changes. It's important to help your son on this so he doesn't pass his anger onto his children.

I have a drinking and gambling problem and I smoke. I guess I'm just an addictive personality. Can I be helped?

You certainly can be helped to be released from your addictions - all of them and relatively quickly. I don't believe the idea that people have addictive personalities nor that their problem is genetic because others in the family have the same addiction. While I acknowledge that is possible, I also think that it is just as likely that the  family has learned a way of behaving to solve their problems which is to escape into an addiction.
I have found that co-dependency handling at the subconscious level will release ANYONE from addiction and stop the children from carrying it onto the future generations. I see it as a learned behavior that can be unlearned, but the handling needs to be at the subconscious level in order for things to change reasonably quickly. This is taking Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and putting it inside the subconscious mind which is VERY EFFECTIVE.

I keep hearing ringing in my ears, can Hypnosis or NLP help me with this?

Yes, Hypnosis or NLP can be helpful in improving many health condition by working from the mind side of things along with your doctor working from the body side of things. A problem that modern medicine has trouble curing such as tinnitus, addictions, snoring, bed wetting, excessive sweating, sleep problems and many more things sometimes can be helped by approaching the Mind and Spirit components. 

I'm so embarrassed because I sweat excessively and my face turns beet red so easily. Can you help me?

This is likely related to self-esteem issues if your doctor has found no physical reason for this.We will sort out the situations when you sweat too much and hypnotically reset the mind to understand you can be okay  in those situations and feel fine. This needs examination of what the subconscious mind is thinking in those situations and deletion of negative ideas about self. This is VERY COMMON in young people who have lost a belief in self. Sometimes, the sweating in older women is related to unresolved anger which needs to be Hypnotically released in order to balance the body.

Does Medicare cover Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis costs?

No, not from a Hypnotherapist. Some of the Health Funds will cover some of the session costs so you should check with your Health Fund and see if you are covered.

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