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Question: How Can Hypnosis Help Grinders & Clenchers?

Usually people who grind their teeth can get improvement by using Hypnosis to relax their subconscious mind related to an issue that may be causing the grinding. It is quite common for a person to have no idea what the issue is so they need someone such as a Hypnotherapist to help them find it.  

And Clenchers (to the point of TMJ) can have underlying anger issues. Hypnosis can release pent up anger that contributes to the TMJ condition and the resulting clenching. The anger creates stress and turns on the clenching motion - often holding the person back from saying something, but causing a stress buildup in the jaw. Hypnosis is done in conjunction with a diagnosis from a medical doctor.

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary based on a variety of factors such as number of stresses, different types of stresses, etc. 

Question: How do Hypnosis & NLP help with Dental Fears? 

It helps reduce problematic dental fear so that patients can go to the Dentist without so much trauma. For example, it can help stop gagging, assist in relaxing the patient, lessen pain during dental work and it can help the patient cooperate in the chair so the dentist can do his work.

Question: Why see a Hypnotherapist when doing Dental work?

For Emotional Trauma Release
If a patient is in the middle of some emotional trauma such as a divorce or some problem at work or school, some dental work may become problematic for the person even if it was done properly. What can happen is that the emotional pain the person is feeling at the time of having dental work done can create mental pain where there is actually no pain so you get a "phantom pain" which continues to bother the patient even though the dental work was done properly. 

For Continued Pain When All Shows Fine
If someone continues to feel teeth/gum pain after consulting with their dentist and getting his opinion that all is fine, then they may need to have Hypnotic emotional clearing to the area. That means the emotion of whatever was upsetting the person during dental work needs handling. This is not a long process for a Hypnotherapist. Once that is done, the dental work will likely be less painful if the work was done properly.

For Unusual Issues
Also, if a patient has an unusual problem in the dental chair, they may need an emotional idea released in order to be comfortable. For example, a patient who needs too much anaesthetic or is scared of needles or buzzing of dental equipment. With Hypnotic relaxation, patients can get through dental work with less trauma.


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