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Question: What can you expect in a Hypnosis Session?

In the first part of your session we will gather information about the reasons for your problem, then we will go into trance and start de-hypnotizing you from old ideas and changing them to new ideas that help you achieve what you want.

Question: What is it like being Hypnotized?

It is a state of pleasant relaxation, but you are still aware of what is being said in your sessions with me. This is not always the case with some Hypnotherapists as some use deep, deep trance. I have found that you can be in a medium trance and quite aware of everything that is being said and still make the changes you want. I like it that way as the changes that are made are yours, not mine.

Question: Can anyone be Hypnotized? Even kids?

Yes, but people who don't want to be Hypnotized can make the Hypnosis ineffective so it is not a good idea to send someone to a Hypnotherapist who doesn't want to go - like trying to make your partner stop smoking. If a person has trust issues, they may have difficulty making session progress, but a properly trained Hypnotherapist can help such a person if they want to be helped. If Hypnosis doesn't work for you, tell the Hypnotherapist so they can help you release Control issues or Trust issues - then it will work!

As far as kids go, they usually readily trust and have great imaginations so they literally imagine themselves into a new place so they do well in Hypnotherapy. But they do need a mentor so I require that at least one parent attend a session before the child is brought in. Teenagers also do need someone to be "in the know" regarding the changes that they want to make.

Can Hypnosis be done over the phone or computer?

Yes, it can, but some things such as addictions are done much better in person. Accessing the subconscious mind can be done anywhere and any time as long as you go inside and know what to do.


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