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HYPNOSIS & NLP For Emotional Eaters!
Handle Weight Loss Cravings 

For Emotional Eaters wanting Weight Loss, a mind change can handle the cravings. 

Hypnosis will help you handle cravings related to eating bags of candy, cookies, cakes, etc. It can help you with handling eating when you are not hungry. It can help you get yourself to exercise moderately. 

Hypnosis weight loss - emotional eating  loving exercise with hypnosis
                Stop Emotional Eating       -       While Enjoying Exercising
    (even if you hate it now!)

What do you need to do to change the emotional eating pattern?

By going into Hypnosis, you find the emotional reasons in the mind that make you eat when you don't want to. The mind can have  any number of reasons to eat at the subconscious level. REMEMBER: IF THE MIND IS MAKING YOU EAT - HANDLE THE MIND. IT WILL HANDLE THE BODY!!! 

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary based on the individual. This program is meant to be in conjunction with your doctor so any medical conditions can be handled by the doctor.  It also assumes you know a healthy way to eat and are willing to use a healthy nutritional way of eating. It also assumes you know the healthy size for you. 

People are mislead into thinking diets and exercise will help emotional eaters. The minute an emotional pacifier is needed, the person is at risk of over-eating. Some people do not over-eat and they still are overweight because of the mind. 

How Does Hypnosis Handle Emotional Eating?

Hypnotic Trance is used to handle emotional eating issues by turning them off in the subconscious mind so you don't need a Pacifier. If you emotionally eat every time you are alone in the house, you would need to deal with the "alone" issue that causes you to eat. If you have 10 emotional reasons for eating, we need to handle all 10.

In my Stop Emotional Eating Program you will start with a 2 hour session where an assessment is done which will give you an idea how long it will take for you to handle the Emotional Eating. You will also experience Hypnosis in your first session.

After your first session, you will continue handling your Emotional Eating until you only eat when it is appropriate for you. 

Will I need to weigh in?

No, this program breaks the emotional eating so you can eat like a normal person rather than yo-yo-ing constantly because of emotional issues. 

You know the Emotional Eating is handled because you won't eat bags of candy, cookies, chips, or whatever you over-eat and you will mainly eat when you are hungry and you will eat slowly enough to enjoy your food.  

For people who are not over-eating, but are over-weight, the mind change will allow the person to lose weight once the Emotional Eating Body Blocks are released.  

NOTE: This program assumes you are healthy enough to change eating patterns and enjoy exercising without it affecting your health in a negative way. Please see your doctor first if you are in doubt that changing your eating and exercising habits could affect your health in a negative way. If you have a medical reason that could cause weight gain - such as you cannot walk or you are taking pills that can cause increased weight - this may not be the right program for you.

See  Hypnotherapy FAQ for more questions & answers.

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