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Men Stress Problems


Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) offer ways to release anger at the subconscious level so men can trust themselves to keep their anger at an appropriate level when dealing with family matters - so they can negotiate solutions.

Your clue as to whether your stress is out of hand - is your health! High Blood Pressure, ulcers, heartburn or panic attacks mean the stress has won already. If it starts affecting you in the bedroom, it has gone too far. You can improve your stress situations by using Hypnosis and NLP. See Body Pain for info on chronic conditions that set in if you let things go too far.

MEN STRESS ABOUT INCOME - what do you think about when you think about money? The wrong thoughts bring the endless "No Money" Loop. Get out of the LOOP by changing the way you think about money!

Some men have been trained to think that the most important thing in life is to bring home a paycheck. This is a good thing unless it means the husband or dad is working too much so the family doesn't see him enough. He misses out and they miss out.

If your family is functioning with non-stop problems, it could mean they need you more. If your relationship with your wife is cold, she is speaking to you by acting out the coldness. If you feel like you are doing everything, this stress with income stress with work stress is often a big source of illness. See Meditation for help with relaxation.

MEN STRESS ABOUT WORK - Baldness, stomachaches, IBS, ulcers?

Some men have workplace stress causing them health problems. If you have never learned about workplace survival, get this helpful information before your health forces you to leave work. It's not rocket science, but it will take the stress to a much lower level. For more information, see
Stress Illnesses because problematic relationships at work sometimes cause extreme anxiety and health problems.

See Panic Attacks and anxiety for more info on them.
See Bullying for help at work.
For Dental Problems related to stress.

Hypnotherapy/NLP personal and private sessions, are tailored to your individual situation. You will know it is working when you start getting comments about how something about you has changed and how you are easier to work with and easier to get close to.

DISCLAIMER: Results may very depending on a variety of factors such as how much stress there is and for how long the person has been having it.

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