LeAnn Martin,
Certified Master
Trainer in Hypnosis
Minnesota &
Worldwide via Skype

Hypnosis for Happiness!
Subconscious Mind Healing Can Change Your Life!

Minn-NoDak & World-wide                                          EMAIL: leann747@gmail.com                                          For More Info Call: 612-618 7599 

Phone & On-line HYPNOSIS & NLP

Who likes phone or online sessions?

Anyone who likes doing things in the privacy of their own home.

People who can't get away from home easily.

People who are ill so they find it difficult to get to a regular session.

Anxious people who are nervous about leaving their home.

Can Hypnosis be done over the phone or computer?

Yes, it can. The subconscious mind is able to make changes while your eyes are closed in session so you can have them closed and be in the subconscious mind while you hold the phone or speak into a computer mic or camera/mic. The Mind doesn't care where you are or where the Hypnotherapist is. I usually have the picture turned off during Skype sessions with only the microphone on to keep distraction to a minimum.

I don't usually do phone or computer sessions for people with addictions or other severe problems. You can call and check with me if I think your problem can be done by phone.

To avoid Long Distance rates to or from other countries than the USA, download the Skype Program from www.skype.com and make sure your computer has a camera which means you are ready to go as it has a mic with it. Inside the USA, I can call you without any long distance extra charges.

The Skype program is free. And talking online is free, but your session needs to be booked ahead of time and there are fees for your session. See Session Costs below.

You need to book your session ahead of time on Mobile/Cell: 612-618 7599.

If you are a World-wide client, email me to get started. Fill in the form below to notify me you would like a session.

What are the costs for phone & online sessions?

Phone sessions are $90/hr.  You can pay via Paypal or credit card before your session begins.


To Book your Hypnotherapy session:
Call me on 612-618 7599.

Leave a message if I'm in session & not available. I'll call you back.

Fargo, ND
World-wide via Skype


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