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       Pimples - Boils - Eczema - Psoriasis - Abscesses - Shingles
Use the HYPNOSIS APPROACH to improving these problems!

If you have done everything you can think of medically to handle your skin problem, but it has not stopped, you may want to try Hypnosis. You may have been approaching a mind issue with medicine when it should be approached through the mind.  


Hypnosis de-stresses your life which can help release you from emotional skin problems. Skin Problems can be only a physical problem, but they can also have emotional stress as part of the trigger causing the eruptions. 

What do you need to do to de-stress the skin ?
Hypnosis can help you recognize what is stressing you and help reduce it in the subconscious mind. Sometimes we know what the stress is, but we need help with a handling for the stress. It is not usually enough to say you have stress and to pinpoint it: Usually, you need to reduce the stress in the subconscious mind. 

A Hypnotherapist can help you do that. 

Will it take long to de-stress the skin?
That depends on how many unresolved stresses you have. Normally, an eruption on the skin has a stress problem in full bloom right at the time of the problem. It is possible to reduce skin problems in one session of three hours, but not always. Everybody is different so you need to get an assessment from your Hypnotherapist as to how long you might take to reduce your particular skin problem. It is not possible to know exactly how long things will take, but by looking at how many stress areas you have and how old you are, a guesstimate can be made. 

For teenagers - could stress really be causing the pimples?
In my opinion, yes. It does not take that much to make someone boiling angry or very anxious when they are a teenager: Girl/boy friend problems, study issues, sexual issues, problems with parents or teachers, bullying to name a few. It is good to approach these problems from more than one angle - medically and using the mind. If medicine does not do the job, that means the mind is involved and Hypnosis can help you handle the mind to reduce skin problems. 

Before starting Hypnosis work, get a medical diagnosis. That way you are working from a three-pronged approach: Mind-Body-Spirit. Hypnotherapists do not diagnosis illness, but rather handle the Mind-Spirit part of illness. That can result in recovery in and of itself or it may be part of your recovery assisting a medical solution. Results vary depending on the type of skin problem, number of stresses, etc and the amount of Mind- Spirit problems verses the Body Problem. Using both approaches at once strengthens your chance for recovery, particularly if you have used only a Body approach such as only medicine and it did not solve the problem.

See  Hypnotherapy FAQ for more questions & answers.

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