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For Sleep Problems

If your mind is keeping you from sleeping properly, Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis & NLP can help you!

What sleep problems can Hypnosis & NLP help with?

Not being able to sleep or get to sleep if there is no medical reason for not being able to sleep.
Lessening Snoring to a reasonable level provided you are a normal weight and are free from physical illness that might be causing it.
Helping people sleep who sleep wakefully to sleeping deeply
Staying asleep so you get a deep sleep
Stopping kicking & punching in your sleep
Bad dreams or scary dream relief

How are these problems approached from a MIND point of view?

Simply by finding the subconscious mind reasons you have for sleep problems and hypnotically reducing the stress. Lots of people know when the sleeping problem started, but they do not know how to get back normal sleeping.

What you should do before your Hypnosis Session?
Notice your sleep situation in detail so you can tell the Hypnotherapist: What time you go to sleep. What you do before trying to sleep. What you think of when you cannot sleep. How you feel when you cannot sleep.

How is Hypnosis used to handle snoring?
You may have stored mind issues in the nasal cavities so as the cavities fill up with stored anger, so you get blocked up. It is sort of like a bull so angry that he is ready to charge. Usually the anger is about something a LONG, LONG TIME AGO!

DISCLAIMER: Please see your medical doctor first to be sure that there is no medical reason for your sleeping problem. Results will vary depending on a variety of factors such as type of illness, number of stresses to deal with, etc.


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