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Excessive Sweating

   Hypnosis can help people with this condition through working with the Mind component of sweating. If you have tried the Body approach to handling sweat and got nowhere, it could mean there is a mind component that could help you sweat less. Each person is different so some people may be helped more than others.

The Mind-Body-Spirit approach is more holistic than only a body approach which is what some people need to get their sweating in the norm. 

Why do some people sweat more than others?

From a Hypnosis point of view, some people sweat more because their "fight or flight" system  is turned on from stress way too much causing the sweating while others are not nearly as stressed.

How do you stop these excessive sweating conditions using Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming?

By adjusting the mind and its response to stress. 

DISCLAIMER: Hypnosis is meant to be complementary to traditional medicine. Please see your doctor for a medical diagnosis. Hypnosis is meant to help with the mind (emotional stress causing sweating) and spirit aspect (stress in your inner relationship with the spiritual world) as part of a holistic approach to a medical problem. Some people will get different results than others depending on the medical problem and its origin.  For people who find traditional medicine is not enough to solve their sweating problem, Hypnosis can be a helpful added component. This information is for educational purposes only and is not diagnostic.

What reasons do people have for excessive sweating?

1. They might be afraid of being judged when they are in a group by the group.

2. They might be afraid of being a failure.

3. They might be afraid of being the center of attention.

4. They might be afraid of something spiritual disciplining them.

5. They might be afraid of someone in some way.

6. They might be angry, angry, angry and need help resolving and understanding life!

7. There are other reasons as well.

What should you do if you sweat excessively?

1. See a doctor for a Health Check.

2. See me for Hypnosis.

See my Contact Details if you have any questions.

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